Painting wrought iron spiral stairs

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At Fer Forgé Plus, we are passionate specialists in the transformation and protection of your wrought iron elements.

Fer Forgé Plus is your expert in painting wrought iron spiral staircases, providing expertise and finesse to revitalize and secure your exterior access. Our mission is to provide a durable solution that not only beautifies your staircase but also protects it against climatic attacks and the wear and tear of time. Trust us for your home or real estate!

Complete solutions for wrought iron spiral staircases

Our method begins with a precise assessment of your spiral staircase to identify repair and preparation needs. Removing rust, smoothing surfaces, and repairing damage are key steps before paint application, ensuring a perfect base for the finish.

We apply paints specially formulated for wrought iron, chosen for their superior resistance to corrosion and their ability to withstand climatic variations. Available in a variety of colors, they allow you to personalize your staircase while providing long-lasting protection.