Painting wrought iron stairs

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At Fer Forgé Plus, we are passionate specialists in the transformation and protection of your wrought iron elements.

Fer Forgé Plus is your expert in painting wrought iron stairs, providing expertise and finesse to revitalize and secure your exterior access. Our mission is to provide a durable solution that not only beautifies your staircase but also protects it against climatic attacks and the wear and tear of time.

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Complete solutions for wrought iron stairs

Our process begins with a careful assessment of your wrought iron balcony to identify specific preparation needs, from rust removal to repairing any imperfections. Then we proceed with sandblasting or deep cleaning to ensure a perfectly smooth surface ready for painting.

We use high quality paints specifically designed for wrought iron, offering a huge range of colors to suit your personal style or the architecture of your home. These paints are selected for their exceptional resistance to rust, UV and abrasion, guaranteeing long-lasting protection of your balcony against the elements.

First call

When we receive your first call we will ask for your address and the time of your choice for our estimator to come to your home.

The estimate

One of our estimators will come to your home to give you a written estimate with painting information, pricing and a work schedule, colors and next steps personalized to your needs.

Work day

Our professional painters will carry out quality work on time and within your budget , with a minimum of disruption.

Quality assurance

Shortly after, you will receive follow-up to ensure that the work, colors and products still meet all your expectations .


Wrought iron painting experts

1. Abrasive blasting: The first step towards rehabilitation

Our sandblasting service is designed to optimally prepare all wrought iron surfaces, removing rust, old paint and impurities. This method is ideal for fences exposed to the elements, weather-worn railings, ornate balconies, staircases and spiral staircases in need of refurbishment, as well as large structures requiring deep cleaning before renovation.

2. Professional painting: lasting protection

After careful sanding, we apply coats of anti-rust paint and high quality finishes. This service is essential for all structures, providing not only a renewed visual appearance but also a protective barrier against bad weather and corrosion.

3. Expert repair: restoration of structural integrity

Our repairs range from precise welding to fix cracks and breaks, to replacing damaged parts. Each structure, whether an elegant stair railing, a historic balcony, or a large architectural structure, is treated with the utmost care to ensure its long-term safety and stability.

4. Regular maintenance: preserving beauty and functionality

Periodic maintenance is crucial to maintaining the aesthetics and extending the life of your wrought iron installations. Our maintenance programs are tailored to each type of structure, ensuring that your fences remain impeccable, your railings strong, your balconies secure, your staircases flawless, and that your large structures retain their majesty.