Residential Wrought Iron Painting

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Turnkey solutions

Bring your outdoor space back to life!

At Fer Forgé Plus, we are passionate about transforming and protecting your residential wrought iron elements.

Our specialized painting services restore shine and durability to your railings, stairs, fences, and other wrought iron structures, while preserving the charm and elegance of your property.

We have a wide range of skills and experience that ensure we get the job done better, faster and cleaner. We have also developed our own replacement step solutions for GRIPSTEP wrought iron.

Our personalized approach

We understand that every property is unique. This is why we offer tailor-made solutions, adapted to your specific needs. Our process begins with a detailed assessment of your wrought iron installations, followed by a service recommendation that takes into account your aesthetic and sustainability goals.

Residential Wrought Iron Painting Services Included:

  • Complete Preparation: Intensive sanding to remove any rust or flaking paint, ensuring a perfectly smooth surface for paint application.
  • Repair and Welding: Correction of structural defects to guarantee not only the aesthetic appearance but also the safety of your installations.
  • High Quality Paint Application: Exclusive use of alkyd anti-rust paints or epoxy/polyurethane finishes for long-lasting protection against the elements.
  • Careful Finishes: Meticulous application for superior aesthetic results and maximum protection.


When we receive your first call we will ask for your address and the time of your choice for our estimator to come to your home.


One of our estimators will come to your home to give you a written estimate with painting information, pricing and a work schedule, colors and next steps personalized to your needs.


Our professional painters will carry out quality work on time and within your budget , with a minimum of disruption.


Shortly after, you will receive follow-up to ensure that the work, colors and products still meet all your expectations .


Painting experts

Merlin Companies specializes in exterior coating painting on surfaces such as wrought iron , vinyl, Canexel, sheet metal, galvanized sheet metal, steel and aluminum . Our high quality coatings for metal surfaces can instantly improve the appearance of your coating, while restoring its protective properties: durability and resistance thanks to the superior quality of the products we use. We work in residential, commercial, co-ownership and building management environments.