Wrought iron stair treads

With GRIPSTEP, we use EPDM to cover your exterior steps so that in summer and winter, they are safe, resistant to seasonal weather and abrasives including salt and sand.

EPDM: What is it?

This EPDM, made from recycled rubber, is designed to coat various surfaces such as wood, concrete and gravel. It stands out for its versatility, providing superior grip thanks to its non-slip properties, while being safe and environmentally friendly. Its soft texture absorbs shock, making this material ideal for outdoor play spaces.

Although it cannot prevent the formation of ice, EPDM remains intact against snow removal and extremely durable after its drying period. Road salt does not affect its longevity; it even makes it easier for ice to disappear. Thanks to its ability to retain heat, EPDM ensures a better surface condition during the winter, thawing more quickly in the sun compared to wooden or fiberglass steps, however requiring regular maintenance.

Offers luxurious style

Significantly longer lifespan

Environmentally friendly

Made from recycled rubber


Resistant to abrasives


Shock resistant

Shovel blows

Resists ground movements

Increased product flexibility

Absorbs heat

Rubber, absorbing heat more easily, therefore melts ice more quickly.

A rubber step cover is essential in winter to secure your travels. However, standard hardware store models do not perfectly cover the steps, complicating snow removal and encouraging the accumulation of snow and water. This water retention under the step cover, especially if attached with unreliable fasteners or screws, damages the structure of the step, accelerating its deterioration.

As a wrought iron contractor, I have seen these problems every spring. New steps quickly show signs of deterioration, reducing their lifespan.

Gripstep eliminates these worries. Its application technique ensures uniform coverage and complete waterproofing with an epoxy and liquid membrane, providing long-lasting protection against the elements, without the disadvantages of traditional step coverings.

EPDM is a versatile product already installed on several surfaces such as: garage, playroom, gyms, running track, swimming pool surround, patios, steps, concrete surfaces, outdoor play areas (schools and parks), imitates the style epoxy flakes, can be uniform colors or a mixture of varied colors.

Ask our retailers to find out if you are eligible!

EPDM applied to your exterior steps is a safe, eco-responsible and elegant solution.


EPDM underlay 1&1/2''

The black underlay is only made of recycled rubber (mainly recycled tires) and is therefore less expensive.

1/2'' EPDM layer

EPDM on the surface is usually different in color. In fact the color possibilities are very varied because it is possible to use different color ratios to create a unique color scheme according to your tastes.

Polyurethane glue adheres to EPDM granules when mixed together. Once its drying cure is complete, it is impressively solid. Several types of polyurethane glue are used depending on their use.