Wrought iron repair

Turnkey solutions

At Fer Forgé Plus, we are passionate about transforming and protecting your residential wrought iron elements.

Fer Forgé Plus is your trusted partner for all your wrought iron repair needs.

We understand the importance of maintaining the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of your wrought iron installations, whether gates, fences, stair railings, or balconies.

Our team of experts combine traditional know-how and modern technologies to restore your wrought iron goods to their original splendor, while ensuring their functionality and safety for years to come.

Specialists in wrought iron and sandblasting in urban areas

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The temperature does not influence the sandblasting work, sun or bad weather does not influence the execution of the work.

The abrasives used are eco-responsible and not harmful to the environment.

The sandblasting machine is powered by a 185CFM high air pressure compressor.

Turnkey solution

wrought iron +

is here to provide you with a comprehensive solution for the restoration of surfaces such as wood, brick, stone, concrete and steel while acting as a solution against graffiti , mold and metal oxidation.

We are able to offer you a complete surface rehabilitation service.